Philippines is very rich in natural resources and full of hospitable and creative people. Filipinos are blessed by having such talents and used it in a very subtle way. Yet, Filipinos are known as very resourceful people. They always know how to find ways. There are a lot of handicrafts in the Philippines, showing people’s ability and skills in making a unique output of crafts and handmade products. Filipino handicrafts are made from natural resources.


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Most of Filipinos owns business handicraft products like bags, baskets, cabinets, wooden craft, trays and other furniture. This includes accessories namely; necklaces, earrings, bracelets, bangles, any fashion accessories, Jewelry and many more that are made from native products. Filipinos are very authentic and dedicated in terms of work.


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By airing their capability in doing such amazing handmade crafts, filipinos never struggled in building small businesses. It is their way to expose more of their talents and creativeness that gains more of their capital. From small business turns into a companies, Incorporation and etc. Exporting their handicraft products to other countries and making more of their items to supply those costumers, buyer, purchaser and etc. Suppliers have to meet the requirement and quality criteria of the costumers.


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Philippines is the second Largest world producer of handicraft product and Jumbo Pacific is one of the manufacturer and exporter of handmade products. We are only using different kinds of Shells in making our own handicraft product Philippines. Jumbo Pacific were recognized and trusted by many. We have a high quality and affordable items. We are looking for your satisfaction in our products. And you deserved us to serve you with full of passion.


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