Probably the leading manufacturer and exporter of Tiles and Panel made of Philippines Natural Shells or seashells. Natural shells or seashells like Paua, Blecklip, Brownlip, Whitelip, Yellowlip, Abalon, Black Agate, Troca, Mother of Pearl or MOP, Chamber, Oyster, Capiz Shell and many more. Perfect for walling decoration specially in the kitchen, bathroom, living room or any parts of your home, condominum, apartment, spa, hotels and resorts.

For orders and inquiries please email us: SALES@JPACIFIC.COM

Standard backing of shell tiles we use is No Woven Paper, also we use backing like Plywood, Acrylic, Cement Board, Hardiflex Board, Versa Board, MDF, Self Adhesive Tear-Away on a paper back, and many more type of backing.

We can make and supply of what costumers demand as long as the shell is not prohibited. From colors, different sizes of shapes or cutting designs of the shells to be attach, to shells to be use in combinations we can produce it and we can guarantee that our customer will satisfy 100% of our product.