Jumbo Pacific Inc., has many handmade products not just fashion jewelry accessories. It is originally designed by Jumbo’s craftsman according to their own imaginations and your expectations. However, many people were amazed of their handmade products and they are already able to export abroad. Jumbo Pacific’s custom product are well-produce and will surely reach your qualifications as a customer. This incorporation is one of the most visited factory of handmade products especially in fashion accessories and fashion jewelry that is truly made from shell, seashell, woods, coco and many more.


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If you are looking for a fashion jewelries, you have to visit one of a wholesaler and a jewelry manufacturer in the Philippines. For over a decade Philippines Jewelry & Jumbo Pacific Inc., is very confident that they can produce high-quality fashion jewelry and fashion accessories for wholesale export price product. They have a lot of handmade products naturally made from shells, one of this are the jewellery such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and many more. They also have many suppliers of natural shells to make the product.




If you are good inside how about outside? We do not have to be negligent to ourselves because of this is based to some people, our outward form. It is very important to take care of ourselves especially our outward appearance. Let’s try putting our-self a thing that suit and in line with our beauty. To expose more of our attractiveness we have to do something with it. How about fashion Jewelry?




Jumbo Pacific Inc. Probably one of the largest Handmade Necklaces Wholesale, Fashion Accessory Manufacturer, Shell Jewelry Wholesaler, Natural Shell Exporter and Philippines Handicraft Cebu, Philippines. We design and manufacture quality custom made fashion jewelry products and accessories for you daily fashion needs. Our designs are unique crafted by hand by our talented fashion designers. We use quality and natural materials to make our products such as mother of pearl products, natural components, assorted raw shells, raw of pearls and specimen shell.