In market, malls, different souvenir’s store and even online has a lot of fashion jewelry that s worn on various occasions and that depends on your choice. While fashion jewelry continues to be unchanging, one way is doing a different way to make his new to people. Having a different kind of hand-made products made from seashells, shells, coco, woods, bamboo and more are most of us do not know. In fact, jewelry that is made from shells are very good looking and unique. Do you want to try another style of jewelries? Or Do you wanna look cool, awesome and different?


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Fashion jewelry here in Jumbo Pacific Inc., is very unique. Basically, you will never find another unique style in making jewelries using from seashells, shells, coco, woods, bamboo and more.These are necklace, earrings, rings, bracelets, bangles, anklets, hair ornaments and more handmade products. Jewelries may be made from gold, bronze, stainless steel, silver, diamonds and gems but ours is quiet different because we use from seashells, shells, coco, woods, bamboo and more in making it. Jumbo Pacific provide a large collection of fashion jewelry at a very affordable and cheap prices but with high quality. We are fashion jewelry wholesaler and exporter in many countries over a decade.


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Our fashion accessory here is genuinely and naturally made from different kinds of shell or seashells. We use quality and natural materials to make our products such a mother of pearl products, natural components, assorted raw shells, raw of pearls and specimen shell. Having a jewelry is like a lifetime partner. Because the best part of jewelries is that you will never need to throw anything after it’s being used. You just have to keep and reuse it as long as you can because fashion jewelry has no expiration. You may continue using accessories until aging.


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Assuring you that you will never regret in choosing and visiting Jumbo Pacific because our only goal here is to provide export quality and to reach your qualification as costumer. Entrust us as your Fashion Jewelry wholesale because they will surely meet your wants and desires.