Fashion jewelry is composed of fashion jewelry accessories which naturally made from shell that can be seen only and highly in the Philippines. Fashion jewelry shells, seashells, wood beads, coconut beads and all natural components or materials is very popular for making fashion jewelry. Fashion jewelry & accessories are something which are used as secondary manner besides the wearer outfit. Add a lite something to your outfit with our fashion jewelry collection, these are the Necklaces, Bangles, Bracelets, Earrings, Rings, Brooches, Buttons, Chockers, Pendant, Puka Shells, Belts, Tattoo Nylon and Kukui seed. Fashion jewelry have also Hairclips and ponytails to your different hairstyle uniquely made of shells like mother of pearl, brownlip, backlip, paua, troca, hammer shell and many more.

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Today’s generation are into different kinds of fashion jewelry. People uses jewelry as a form of self-expression because it shows your own personality and a way of style. Passion is something which you want to show with your fashion especially in fashion jewelry. Lots of jewelry has no practical purpose, but lots of jewelry does especially when you are a jewellery lover. Jewelry may be made from a wide range materials like gold, diamond, gems etc., but we are uniquely different from it because we uses shells beads, wood beads, coco beads and many more in making fashion jewelry & fashion accessories. If you are a fashionista and a shell lover or natural beads lover, you are probably fitted gorgeously in our fashion jewelry & fashion accessories. So, peruse the impressive fashion jewelry and accessory by Jumbo Pacific craftsman artist.

This is to contribute beauty to the wearer’s outfit to look more satisfying and genuinely beautiful. Of course, Necklaces will never be rid in accessories. We have different kinds of Philippine necklaces and designs such as shell Plated necklaces, Hawaiian necklaces, Tribal necklaces, Endless necklaces, Coco necklaces and Assorted necklaces that surely you will love it. It is uniquely hand crafted design which created by our fashion jewelry designers a purely Filipino artist from Jumbo Pacific Inc. We are making designs with a quality and satisfying products for you.


Jumbo Pacific Inc. is probably one of the largest Handmade necklaces wholesaler, Fashion accessory manufacturer, Shell jewelry wholesaler, Natural shell exporter, Fashion jewelry wholesaler and Philippines Handicraft in Cebu, Philippines. We offer a lot of products made from shell, woo or coconut not only fashion jewelry and accessories but also for home decoration, souvenirs, shell craft, gift items and many more. We have also a product for decorations at home, Crafts and Gift items. Philippines is one of the popular jewelry wholesaler because it is really made.