Capiz shell are a type of handmade product that is clearly, naturally and fact-based made from shells. It is one of a product here in the Philippines which has no many people who get the attention because of its beautiful look and its uniqueness. Capiz shell is one of the leading exporter and wholesaler of all handmade capiz shell products like capiz shell chandelier, capiz shell tile walling and for fashion jewelry or fashion accessories. We have also capiz lampshades, capiz wall decoration, capiz candle holder, capiz wind chimes, capiz plates, capiz curtain, capiz for windows, kinds of capiz chips, capiz shapes and capiz shell in colored that will surely brings elegance, classiness and finest to your home, hotel or a resorts.


In the vast ocean there are so many shells living there. It is hard and rigid outer layer. Shells are excreted from the outer surface of the animal called the mantle and it is made up mostly of calcium carbonate. Seashells primarily made of calcium. Capiz shells and mother of pearl shells are one of the most popular sea shell. It has been used many ways throughout history, from jewelry to home decoration to capiz lighting and wall decoration. Sea shells may be food but the shells are mainly important. Seashells can be used as just for home-based crafts or good for business as shell craft.

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