Shell pendant necklace

Another shell components designs are being showcase from our jewelry collections. Many forms and designs such as heart-shape, triangle shape, circle shape, teardrop shape, rectangle shape, flower shape, rounded flower shape and many more. All these are originally made of blacklip shells, MOP, hammer shell and brownlip shells. Find beauty and treasure in seashells. We offered shell components this can be use as shell pendant necklace and shell pendant bracelets. Wear it close and appreciate the shells beauty. It’s a MOP shell made shell components. We can customize different forms, size, shell used and designs of shell components.

shell pendant component

a. Description: 25x25mm, MOP shell in square design.

Code: JPSC501 Price: US$ 0.30

b. Description: 25mm, MOP shell in circle design.

Code: JPSC502 Price: US$ 0.30

c. Description: 20mm, MOP shell in circle design.

Code: JPSC503 Price: US$ 0.20

d. Description: 35mm, MOP shell in circle design.

Code: JPSC504 Price: US$ 0.35

e.Description: 25mm, MOP shell in triangle design.

Code: JPSC505 Price: US$ 0.25

f. Description: 50mm, MOP shell in circle design.

Code: JPSC506 Price: US$ 0.65

shell components pendant

a. Description: 30mm, Paua shell in flower design

Code: JPSC511 Price: US$ 0.45

b. Description: 21x23mm, Paua shell in square design

Code: JPSC512 Price: US$ 0.45

c. Description: 25mm, Paua shell in oblong design

Code: JPSC513 Price: US$ 0.35

d. Description: 30mm, Paua shell in flower design

Code: JPSC514 Price: US$ 0.45

e.Description: 27mm, Paua shell in teardrop design

Code: JPSC515 Price: US$ 0.35

f. Description: 37mm, Paua shell in rectangle design

Code: JPSC516 Price: US$ 0.55

shell pendant components

a. Description: Heart-shaped 50-60mm Black lip shell

Code: JPSC401 Price: US$ 0.60

b. Description:Triangle-shaped 50-60mm Black lip shell

Code: JPSC402 Price: US$ 0.60

c. Description:Circle-shaped 50-60mm Black lip shell

Code: JPSC403 Price: US$ 0.60

d. Description:Teardrop-shaped 65-80mm Black lip shell

Code: JPSC404 Price: US$ 0.80

e.Description:2 colors Circle-shaped 55-60mm Black lipshell

Code: JPSC405 Price: US$ 0.70

f. Description: Oblong-shaped 24 x 38mm Black lip shell

Code: JPSC406 Price: US$ 0.60

g. Description: 2 colors Oblong-shaped 24 x 38mm MOP shell

Code: JPSC407 Price: US$ 0.60

h. Description: 2 colors Circle-shaped 35-40mm MOP shell

Code: JPSC408 Price: US$ 0.60

i. Description: Rectangle-shaped 17-65mm Black lip shell

Code: JPSC409 Price: US$ 0.60

j. Description: Heart-shaped 50-60mm Black lip shell

Code: JPSC410 Price: US$ 0.80

k.Description: Circle-shaped 10mm Brown lip shell

Code: JPSC411 Price: US$ 0.30

l. Description: Flower-shaped 50-50mm MOP shell

Code: JPSC412 Price: US$ 0.80

m. Description: Rounded Flower-shaped 25-30mm MOP shell

Code: JPSC413 Price: US$ 0.30

n. Description: Rounded Sqaure-shaped 27-29mm MOP shell

Code: JPSC414 Price: US$ 0.55

o. Description: Rounded Star-shaped 22-23mm Hammer shell

Code: JPSC415 Price: US$ 0.30

p. Description: Butterfly-shaped 26-18mm Hammer shell

Code: JPSC416 Price: US$ 0.30

r. Description: Little Star-shaped 26-18mm Hammer shell

Code: JPSC417 Price: US$ 0.30

s. Description: Fan-shaped 26-18mm Brown lip shell

Code: JPSC417 Price: US$ 0.50

Beauty is when you learn to appreciate on to something beautiful but in a simple way. Shells are beautiful and it’s simple on the human sights. We can create an elegant shell components design from its simple appearance. It gives beauty to any who much likely to wear fashion. This shell components is made of paua shell and it’s being tranform into artforms.

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