Shell jewelry box that are big with rectangular and long barrel shaped in variety of shells. Jumbo Pacific Monthly Specials Philippine fashion natural jewelry Philippines shell jewelries puka heishi coco components shells beads ethnic component products and accessories Jumbo Pacific Monthly Specials

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Shell Jewelry Box Rectangular Shaped Jewelry shell boxes that are big in design and in rectangular and long barrel shaped that are made in different kinds of shells. Manufactured and exported by Jumbo Pacific in top quality. Product Code: JJB714 - Jewelry box rectangle 5x6.5 inches in assorted shells. JJB713 - Jewelry box long barrel shape 3.5x4x6 inches in nasa shell tiger brown, life saver shell & sigay.

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Natural Shell Jewelry Box Star Design

Natural Shell Jewelry Box Star Design This shell jewelry box is a natural handmade jewelry box that the design is star shape. It is composed of assorted shells that is glued all over the star shape jewelry box. The star shape jewelry box is so exotic and elegant.
Product Code: JJB76 - Jewelry box star 3 inches in assorted shells.
JJB710 - Jewelry box star 5 inches in assorted shell.





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